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Urban art route in Covilhã

Turist Attractions

In Portugal, in the historic area of Covilhã, it is possible to follow an Urban Art route that has brought a touch of modernity to the city.

Aiming to boost "degraded areas and promote forgotten spaces", the Urban Art route is also a tribute to Covilhã's past, as one of the most important wool production centres in the country.

WOOL - Covilhã Urban Art Festival, started in 2001, was the first event of these characteristics in the interior of the country.

Today, WOOL counts with 27 actions of national and international artists, spread all over the city. COVILHÃ MANCHESTER was the register of the 4th edition of WOOL, seven years after its foundation.

The first long record of a shared desire to pay due tribute to the history of the city of Covilhã, closely linked to the textile industry and the entire mountainous territory, which transforms an Urban Art festival into an event of unique features, as has always been the history of the then nicknamed Portuguese Manchester.

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