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Covilhã Regional Gastronomy

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Gastronomy always has a historical structure behind it, which characterises a certain people and its land of origin, so a gastronomic route is always worth taking into account.

In the 1920s, factory workers did not have time to make soup, so they replaced it with these pasties, as they spent a lot of time making them and could be eaten, after being made, for several weeks, which is not the case with soup.

This dry pastry is made with puff pastry cut into strips, which are rolled into a spiral shape, folding one end of the pastry to fill with sautéed beef.

Pastel de Sauce was and still is served with saffron sauce.

It is prepared as follows: boil water with salt, vinegar, saffron and a sprig of parsley; place the Pastel on a plate, pour the broth over it, cover with another plate and wait a little (to "open"); the Pastel de Molho "opens", strengthening the meal.

It consists of a pastry made of margarine or lard, salt and flour and filled with stewed meat (onion, bay leaf and salt).
Apart from being served with saffron sauce or black tea, it can also be eaten simply as a Pastel.

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