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Covilhã - Évora

Ebora Residences


5 minutes from Parça Giraldo, right next to the castle walls, the historic center of Évora.


In the city of Évora, Royal Prime opened the EBORA RESIDENCES development, with 296 rooms and 34 studios. In September 2023, with the start of the school year, the first 67 accommodation units were launched, all with private bathrooms.

It has services such as a gym, outdoor pool, outdoor lounge, jacuzzi, library, outdoor and indoor bar, grocery store, lounge, events room, laundry, cleaning common areas, 24-hour reception and fast WiFi.


  • Rua Humberto Carlos Pereria Paixão, Tapada do Matias.

Royal Prime

Porto and Covilhã. Two spectacular cities and 14 residences prepared to welcome you. Are you ready to start your college experience? We open the doors of our homes so you can take a look at everything you can experience inside. These spaces are designed to help you make the most of your college experience. We want you to create memories forever and friends that will turn out to be pretty much family. All this while studying to be the professional you always wanted to be!

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