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Covilhã - Évora

Tower Residences


Tower Residences is inspired by the representation of the Serra da Estrela Towers in its library, intending that this residence be the point of greatest attraction for students in the city of Covilhã!

In September 2023, with the start of the school year, the first 267 studios were launched, all with private bathrooms.

It has services such as gym, outdoor pool, outdoor lounge, jacuzzi, library, cinema room, outdoor and indoor bar, grocery store, social room, event room, laundry, cleaning of common areas, 24-hour reception and WiFi.

Its reference point is its proximity to the Faculty of Health Sciences.


Quinta dos Caldeirões , lote 3, 6200-026, Covilhã

House of S. Silvestre



The House and Villa of  "São Silvestre" is a building from the beginning of the 20th century that still maintains the ceilings and decorative elements elements typical of its time. It is located in the  historic center of Covilhã close to all types of trade and services.

Reference point -  a 300 metros da Universidade Polo I. 


Largo de São Silvestre, número 4, 6200, Covilhã

Residence The Fifty House



The Remodeling of the residence The 50 House merges the past ande the present, maintaining the characteristic architectural features of the 1950''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s.

The renovation of the building allowed us to create 15 suites and 2 T0 fully equipped and modernized.

Reference Point: Polo IV of the University of Beira Interior


Rua Afonso Domingues, nº41, Covilhã.

Residence D’Ávila Residences


Right next to the historic center of the city of Covilhã, surrounded by all types of commerce, services and transport, D'Ávila Residences is born.

With a strong architectural characteristic of the "Estado Novo", this D'Ávila Residences builing merges classic elements of its time with the clean and functional concept. The requalification of the building allowed us to create 16 Studios, 2 T2, and 37 Suites.

Reference Point- Bombas da GALP, Centro da cidade


Rua Marquês D’Ávila, número 214, 6200-053, Covilhã.

Royal Prime

Porto and Covilhã. Two spectacular cities and 14 residences prepared to welcome you. Are you ready to start your college experience? We open the doors of our homes so you can take a look at everything you can experience inside. These spaces are designed to help you make the most of your college experience. We want you to create memories forever and friends that will turn out to be pretty much family. All this while studying to be the professional you always wanted to be!

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